Chapter 16: The dinner exchange vocalises about food waste

Together with the dinner exchange, Louisa Barry concocted an operatic recital around the subject of food to charm the ears of our guests during our 16th dinner in Hackney Wick. From ‘glorious food’ from the musical Oliver, to difficult uncanny numbers by Leonard Bernstein, it was truly beautiful, and witty. Brava Louisa, bravo Michael (the pianist)

As for the food, our team of volunteers: Samara, Ulla, Sandra, Steve, Brigida and Alice spent the afternoon chopping, blending, simmering and inventing pestos, sauces and dishes with the produce collected the day before from Langridge Organics in Vauxhall. Fresh, colourful and flavoursome produce that would otherwise have been thrown away. To raise awareness of food waste is our aim, but it is just as important to us that the process itself is fun and the food we serve a mark of our passion for food. All the proceeds were donated to the charity Crisis. I think we did well, and for those of you who missed the dinner, this is what we served:

Melon with a basil pesto, garlic and lemon bruschetta, cauliflower and almond paste.
Bulgur and walnut pilaff, roasted fennel and celery in a creamy sauce
Ginger and rhurbarb tart with apricot and gin coulis

At the dinner exchange we do not compromise on anything so that we strive as much as possible to use only ‘freegan’ products, what little we do buy we get get from ethical sources such as Suma and shops like Grocery. We use no egg replacer, margarine or dodgy soya.

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